Dr. Dani Rosenkrantz, PhD


What I treat 

From Individual to Relationship Therapy, to I have experience treating a wide variety of mental health concerns from an affirming, multi-culturally oriented, trauma-informed lens. 

In Therapy, I love to help with: 

Identity + Trauma Empowerment

Relationships with Self + Others 

Values Exploration + Action Planning   

Coaching, Consulting, + Outreach Services


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, + Belonging Coaching: 

Emotion-focused support while engaging in challenges of Diversity work as a leader, navigating conflict and difficult team conversations, managing sensitive issues, and overall support for challenging work toward change. 

Parent Coaching: 

Support to help you build confidence in understanding LGBTQ+ terminology and interventions, resources, common experiences, and skills to be an ally to your child. 


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, + Belonging  Consultation: 

Tools to help you with Mission Vision Values clarification, culture evaluation and recommendations, as well as  implementation support to build and heal teams to be a place where all can thrive and feel belonging. 

Mental Health Consultation:

Knowledge to help providers and organizations engage in affirming, multiculturally-oriented care and prioritize LGBTQ+ health and sexual wellness.

Community Outreach:

Need a speaker or presentation? Want me to join on your podcast?  I’d love to! I love to share about my passion for mental health and diversity work with my community and have experience talking about a broad range of mental health concerns to diverse audiences.

My Approach

My approach prioritizes the impact of identity, cultural humility, and leaning into cultural opportunities to better understand one another.  I empower you to build trust and confidence to create change, working from a trauma informed model that recognizes the importance of safety and gentle pacing to help you share your story. 

evidence-based Practice

The primary psychological theory of change I use to understanding your struggles is Interpersonal Process Therapy. I help you connect with how your early experiences shaped patterns in your life while collaborating with you to identify ways you can create change in your relationships with yourself and others. I am intentional about staying up to date on research for best practices, and integrate the following treatment approaches into my work through interventions and skills building:

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