About Dr. Dani 

Lovely to meet  you 

Hello! I am Dr. Dani Rosenkrantz, licensed psychologist, and expert in: 

🪩 Jewish LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Mental Health, Empowerment, and Joy Building 

🪩 Family Acceptance and Increasing Affirmation Skills

🪩 Relationship and Sexual Wellness to Increase Needs Expression, Authenticity, and Connectedness

As your future therapist, coach, consultant, and advocate, I will be a fierce advocate for your right to feel loved, connected, joyful, and well. I know that the ways self-doubt, anxiety, and disconnection can rob us of our joy. I can help you learn to trust your inner wisdom, gain your confidence in advocating for your needs, build fulfilling relationships, and learn to bravely share your authentic self with the world.  

"I love to work with clients as they deepen their awareness of self and systems, build their coping and resilience skills, experiment with ways to connect to joy, live authentically, and navigate life’s challenges "

from   surviving   to   thriving

My approach to therapy comes from a Feminist, Multicultural, Interpersonal, and Trauma-Informed lens. I emphasize collaboration, understanding how life experiences and context impact how we relate to ourselves and others, and channeling strengths and creativity. I can help you move from surviving to thriving. 

I know that creating change can bring up a lot of feelings, such as fear, discomfort, avoidance, excitement, and hope. I cannot promise you it will be easy (because nothing awesome ever is), but I can offer you a space that is gentle and challenging, with deep talks punctuated by laughter and connecting to the joy and hardness of life together. I also help you discover how to fill your resilience toolbox so you feel confident managing your mental health.

Values + Advocacy

I am a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, creating accessible resources, and fostering collective care support. Here are ways I practice my values of advocacy, accessibility, and collective community care:

🪩 Regularly attending legislative meetings to fight legislation that dehumanizes our community, reduces access to life-saving Gender Affirming Healthcare and resources, and seeks to erase us, in partnership with organizations like Equality Florida and Keshet.

🪩 Creating Gender Affirming Care Youth Assessment Crisis Grants in collaboration with the Fitzlane Project and Pineapple Healthcare that allows me to provide assessments for minors in Florida for free.

🪩 Providing free or highly subsidized options for therapy + support groups, including working with The Fitzlane Project and Alana Faith Chen Foundation, and facilitating support groups, including Trans-Generations, for Jewish Grandparents of Trans and Nonbinary Youth, and Parenting with Pride, for Jewish parents of LGBTQ+ children.

Expertise  You  Can  Trust 

After 11 years of higher education and clinical training, I received my doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kentucky focusing on LGBTQ+ health and intersections with religious/spiritual identity, parental acceptance, and sexual wellness. I love talking about these issues, and have published several papers and regularly present at national and international conferences promoting mental health, wellness, and liberation for all. 

Over the past 15 years, I have developed a specialty in serving Jewish, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC clients and their families, providing counseling and coaching services, LGBTQ+ and gender identity-focused therapy and support groups, gender affirmation  assessments, and workshops on a variety of topics including Jewish mental health, sexual and relationship wellness, and healing from oppression-based trauma. 

Training + Published Work


Clinical Experience

Research on Parental Acceptance 

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Research on LGBTQ+ Health

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Research on Sexual Wellness

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Research on BIPOC Health

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