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Phone Consultation 

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Payment & Insurance

Payment (credit or debit card) is expected at the time of the session unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  

At this time, I am an out-of-network provider for insurance. I can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please inquire with your insurance company for more details to find out if your plan offers reimbursement for out-of-network providers.

Benefits of Private Pay 

Cancellation Policy

I ask that you let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you will not be able to make our appointment. This gives me the opportunity to offer that time to another client.  If you do not cancel in this time frame, it is expected that you pay the full fee. 

Therapy FAQs

Why work with me in therapy? 

I am an expert in multiculturally oriented, trauma informed mental health and well-being who can apply the science and practice therapy to help you to live bravely. I am passionate about empowering you and helping you clarify the change you want to see in your life. We work together to collaborate and create an evidence based treatment plan that fits you. Although there are many types of mental health professionals, my advanced doctoral training, specialized post-doctoral fellowship training, and unique expertise with emerging adults and young professionals, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC affirming care, sexual wellness, parental acceptance, and burnout recovery are unique skills that directly benefit our work together.

Am I ready for therapy? 

Most clients I work with have been feeling stuck and hurting for far too long. At the same time, I know that asking for help is challenging, and feeling ready to create change definitely takes energy and work that not everyone feels they have. Therapy can serve different purposes in peoples lives: clarity, validation, and empowerment for example. To get to these results takes investment of time and energy both in and out of the therapy room. Therapy is the most helpful when you are feeling motivated to create change in your life and work on your wellness between sessions, practicing skills and new ways of sharing that you can bring back into therapy to discuss.

Can I seek services if I am not part of the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC community? 

Absolutely. While I center LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities in my work, I believe that everyone can benefit from an affirming perspective in regard to identity and relationships. My clients hold many identities and focus on a wide range of topics.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching? 

Therapy and coaching are similarly focused on helping you identify goals to create change in your life, but there are some key differences! Therapy can be a longer term process, often focused on being together past and present patterns, clarifying and healing mental health symptoms, and building a treatment plan to improve your emotional and mental  wellbeing. Therapy clients can receive a bill to send to their insurance company and will receive a mental health diagnosis. They must also be in Florida where I am licensed. In contrast, coaching is present and future focused work on a specific goal in mind. We collaborate to plan a path to your goal together. Coaching is not eligible for insurance reimbursement and does not involve a diagnosis. There are no geographic restrictions required!

What should I expect in my consultation call? 

Consultation calls are 15 minutes by phone and are a focused opportunity to discuss your needs and goals and how they align with my skills, as well as logistics like availability, frequency of meetings, and fees. We will also spend time answering your questions so that you can feel comfortable working together. At the end of the consultation we will determine if we are a good fit. If yes (yay!) we will find a time to schedule an intake appointment. If I am not the right fit or if there are other logistical barriers to working together, then I will offer you a referral to another licensed provider in the area.

What should I expect in my first session? 

Our first session together is called an intake, and it’s focused on getting to know you as a full person. I will ask you questions about many aspects of your life, including your presenting concerns and symptoms, identities and cultures that are meaningful to you, your current coping tools, strengths, and values, your exposure to traumatic experiences, and social support in family and chosen family. 

I also provide information on confidentiality, information about scheduling and fees, and opportunities to ask questions before collaborating to create a plan to meet your unique needs. Sometimes it takes a couple sessions to get through all the important facets of your life to lay the groundwork for our therapy together. It’s also totally normal to feel anxious or tired during this process. Vulnerability takes energy! I promise it will get easier as we get to know each other and build confidence. 

Why are you a telehealth-based provider?

I have chosen to be telehealth based for several reasons! First, it helps me increase access  to my services. I am able to provide therapy to all residents in Florida, and I can work with LGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients in areas where a therapist may be hard to find. It’s also very convenient for many of my clients who prefer the flexibility and meeting in the comfort of their space without the commute. Finally, it’s effective!  Research has shown that Telehealth is just as beneficial as face-to-face therapy.​ 

What do I need to meet for a telehealth appointment?

You will need a private space to meet from for our appointments for confidentiality. Additionally, you’ll need internet with a reliable signal, and a device with a camera and microphone to meet via Google Meet. Computers are preferred so you can relax physically and not be distracted by notifications. You may at times need to he able to use tech skills to troubleshoot issues that arise, so confidence in being able to navigate that together is needed as well! 

Can I seek services from any location? 

To engage in therapy with me, you must be physically in the state of Florida where I am licensed. However for coaching, I am able to offer services all over the world! This allows me to support coaching clients in states or countries where working with someone with my skills is less accessible, which I am very excited about!

How often do I see you?

Typically, I see clients weekly or biweekly at first, and then as they begin feeling more confident we can move to check ins at a less frequent rate such as monthly or every 6 weeks. We can decide the time frame together based on your needs over time. 

How long does therapy take?

It depends on you and your unique needs. For some clients who are actively ready for creating change, they may only need a short course of support (3-6 sessions), while for others therapy is an important wellness resource for a longer period of time. Many of my clients see me off and on throughout their lives as they deal with life transitions and changes. My commitment to you is to provide evidence based treatment to alleviate your hurting and help you feel empowered to navigate challenging times as soon as possible. Once you complete your intake, we will be able to decide what might fit your needs.

Why don’t you take insurance?

I have chosen to not take insurance for several reasons that prioritize your choice in your mental health care. Although insurance may offset the cost of treatment, many clients are unaware that your insurance company may dictate certain aspects of your treatment. Your insurance company may tell you what doctors you can see, the number of sessions you can receive, where you can receive treatment, the cost of your treatment, and when your treatment should end. 

In addition, your sensitive personal information such as diagnosis and length of treatment becomes known to the insurance company. Your insurance company may share your personal information with other businesses. In my experience, treatment works best when you and I collaborate together to make decisions about your a treatment. Private pay allows you to choose the therapist best suited to your needs rather than the insurance company telling you who to see. No insurance also equals less documentation, which results in more quality time to focus on therapy. Additionally, a mental health diagnosis is not mandatory and not submitted to your private health records. There is also no limit on amount of sessions or time of your session and you are able to choose the focus, duration, and frequency of therapy. Finally, you are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. 

Is my info confidential?

Yes, your privacy is a top priority to me. I have signed an business agreement with Google so that all of our communications (email, phone, and Google meets for video conferencing) comply with HIPPA security requirements. I also use Sessions Health to store your records and do billing, and their practices are in alignment with HIPPA as well. It is important for me to create a safe environment in therapy, and part of that is maintaining safety of your records. As such, I will request that you sign a release of information if you would like any of your records to go to a third party. 

Do you offer Sliding Scale?

At this time, I am offering sliding scale on a very limited basis due to the current size on my practice. In the future, I hope to expand to offer more sliding scale spots and partner with community organizations to provide more free or low cost therapy spots as well.

When is payment due for sessions?

Payment (credit or debit card) is expected at the time of the session unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Your card will have hold on it before our session to ensure payment is good to go!

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