Therapy, Coaching, + Community Services for 

Jewish, LGBTQ+, BIPOC Folx + Those Who Love Them 

Rooted in Tampa, FL + Serving 40+ States 

Whether you are a youth, teen or adult trying to embrace your identity, a parent or grandparent trying to navigate a loved ones' mental health, or a leader trying to build a thriving community

I see you. 

I know these times are challenging and vulnerable

Together we can make them defining moments that increase authenticity, connection, hope, and joy.

meet  Dr. Dani 

Hello! My name is Dr. Dani Rosenkrantz (she/they) and I am excited you are here. Some facts about me:  

🪩 I am a Jewish + Queer licensed psychologist in over 40+ States

🪩 I help Jewish, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC folx heal and connect to joy, identity affirmation, relationship and sexual wellness, and empowerment despite ongoing oppression-based trauma, minority stress, and political overwhelm. 

🪩 I also help parents, grandparents, and community members learn affirmation skills to build confidence in creating brave spaces for LGBTQ+ loved ones and practicing loving actions. 

If you are looking to grow and become your bravest self, I would love to help.

Let's co-create a non-judgmental environment where you feel supported and challenged to become your bravest self.

where   is   your   brave   space?

Bravery in Therapy

Whether you're a youth facing new experiences, a young adult navigating complex emotions, a parent seeking to overcome past hurdles, or a grandparent supporting loved ones, I offer evidence-based therapy to meet your unique needs.

Best for youth, teens, and adults seeking individual therapy, folx in diverse types of relationships, and family members seeking support for themselves or a space to process emotions to better support others they love

Bravery in Coaching

I provide affirmation coaching, whether you're seeking confidence in navigating LGBTQ+ terminology and experiences or building impactful interventions and allyship skills for your child or community members.

Best for parents, grandparents, and leaders (e.g., religious orgs, non-profit teams, summer camp staff, business leaders) seeking skills to improve their connection and effectiveness in authentic allyship

Bravery in Outreach

Looking for a speaker to inspire inclusion and address mental health in Jewish, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC communities and beyond? I love sharing my passion and have experience as a speaker and podcast guest. 

Best for podcast or show hosts, summit or conference events coordinators, human resource learning and development leaders, faith leaders planning congregational events (I love speaking for Pride Shabbats!), community organizers

Your bravest self is closer than you think. 

Let's create it together.

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🪩 What Folx Say About Working with Dr. Dani 🪩

Supporting lgbtq + college student

Parents: How to support your LGBTQ+ College Student 

Learn how you can creative a brave space for your child.

Let's create a brave space together